Saturday, December 23, 2006

2nd Attempt to Complain

OK. I gave Macy's enough info to investigate my complaint, but they sent me to another webpage which asked for the same contact info again. That's right. No autofill. No space to put the complaint tracking number. And the extra info? Generic feedback. An awful process.

Well, I completed the blanks and submitted the following in the comments section. (Look familiar? Good thing I saved it.)
I will never shop at Macy's again and I will tell all of my friends and everybody I talk to that they should not shop at Macy's either. Here is the reason why.

I was shopping at your South Lake Pasadena (CA) store this morning and was enjoying your wonderful sales. I was excited to find great deals on four pairs of women's pants in the petite section on a rack that said "25% additional at register, price on tag is 50% off regular price" (or something similar). I went to the register with my great finds, the cashier scanned each item and then told me that she couldn't sell me three of the items because they were "salvaged."

Salvaged! I can't believe Macy's pulls this crap on customers. Just because the sale price is below the salvage value of the item, you can choose -- at your whim -- not to sell that item to a customer? It was on display for sale. The price and markdowns were clearly marked. And then you have the option not to sell because the price didn't mean some reserve price?

Since Macy's has purchased multiple other stores and now nearly has a monopoly in many areas, its customer service has declined. This incident is completely indicative of how Macy's could care less about customer satisfaction; so I, and my friends, will care less about shopping at Macy's.

I wish you the best for the Holiday Season.

One very angry and irate former customer,
Mike Vicic

I also want to add my note of disappointment over how this complaint is being handled already. I wrote the above text, verbatim, in an online 'contact us' section (KMM37205838I8897L0KM) and was told to complete this form even though I gave sufficient information to investigate my complaint.


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